May 31st - June 2nd, 2019 Weekend on the Wing

2019 marks the 19th annual Weekend on the Wing
Tombstone Bird Checklist

Friday May 31st

Birdathon Kickoff Tombstone Birds checklist and birdathon rules avaliable at the Tombstone Interpretive Centre until 5pm

7:00pm: Introduction and Bird ID basics at the campground picnic shelter

Saturday June 1st

7am: Morning Birdsong Walk Birdfriendly coffee provided, bring your mug! Meet at the Interpretive Center.

10am - 2:30pm: Blackstone Uplands Roadside Birding Carpool/Caravan Meet at Tombstone Campground. Bring your lunch.

11:30am Two Moose Lake Ducks. Spend an hour with interpreter Annie Morrison, identifying and counting ducks while the rest of the caravan drives on to Chapman Lake and back.

6pm: Birdathon Potluck Desserts and Prizes at the Interpretive Center, bring a treat to share

7:30pm: Wind and Water, Making Energy - What do Birds Pay? talk by ornithologist Dave Mossop

Sunday June 2nd

Art WorkshopTBA

Birding is for Kids too! Fun Activities Saturday in the Center at 10:30 am.

June 28th-30th
Botany Weekend 2019

Friday, June 28th

2pm Ethnobotany Walk with parks staff

6:30pm: iNaturalist Workshop with Bruce Bennett

7:30pm:'A Paradise for Plants' Evening Presentation by Bruce Bennett, 4-5 hours

Saturday, June 29th

10am: Tundra Botany Walk at Foxy Creek with Bruce Bennett

2-5pm Photography Workshop with Photographer Marten Berkman

3-5pm Herbarium Workshop Biologist Jennifer Staniforth

7:30pm'The Ecology of Perception' Evening Presentation with Marten Berkman. An artistic practice about the land and our relationship with it'

Sunday, June 30th

10am: Alpine Flower Hike at Surfbird Mountain with Jennifer Stanniforth, 4-5 hours

2pm: Kids Program at the Interpretive Center

Monday, July 1st

Invasive Sweet Clover Pull Meet at KM 20

August 2nd-4th, 2019
Lichen Weekend

Friday, Aug 2nd

7:30pm: Finding Wild Stories Freelance writer Eva Holland will share some memorable moments, how she finds her ideas, and discuss why wilderness writing can be so fulfilling.

Saturday, Aug 3rd

Morning Art Workshop Intro to Nonfiction Wilderness Writing Learn to craft compelling nonfiction writing about your wilderness adventures.

More hikes and presentations and kids programs to discover lichens in the Park TBA

August 23rd-25th, 2019
Weekend on the Rocks

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Weekend on the Wing
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Weekend on the Rocks

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